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In 1961, the house-factory was bought by Mr. Kris Ambar as a token of appreciation to his wife, Mrs. Corry Ambar, who learned how to make sweet soy sauce--or Kecap Manis in Bahasa--when she joined PERWARI, an Indonesian Women Association. The place itself was already designed as a soy sauce factory by the previous owner. 


Started in 1961, Mrs. Corry Ambar began to produce her own Kecap Manis using the name Kecap Septo Delee as the company name. Septo Delee means the seven beans. Why seven? Apparently, seven is the lucky family number for Mr. and Mrs. Kris Ambar for they were both the seventh child and they also have five children, making their own family seven people. To top all that, the factory number in the street is thirty-four, which makes seven. After a while the family introduce their product's commercil name as Kecap 7.


As both has now passed away, the house-factory has been continued by the second generation, Mrs. Maria Triningsih who has been preserving it's traditonal way. She has been running the company until now and also distributing Kecap 7 to several restaurants and small general stores in traditional markets. It has been known as a good match-up for cooking satay and as a dip sauce for fried tofu.

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